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Inventory Management

Your path to inventory management control with confidence
MaQS®  provides stock management and controlled purchasing of operating theatre consumables and implants 
MaQS® is designed to give healthcare facilities transparency and management of consumable inventory use in operative procedures

MaQS® Provides:

Consumables and implants tracked from purchase order to point of use
Accurate data on items used per patient; i.e track patient activity
Total consumable and implant cost per procedure
Improved patient billing and revenue streams
Visibility of stock on hand across the organisation
Fast recall of items
Foundation for Activity Base Funding
Give an organisation complete traceability of every stock item and accurate clinical costing

How it works:

Interfaces with patient admissions systems
Purchasing systems and financial systems
Stores static and live data in a MS SQL database
Creates permanent electronic patient records via the scanning program
Automatically decrements stock when used and flags for reorder
Purchase Order requests sent via interface message
Stock received into MaQS automatically increments
Store stock levels 


Inventory Replenishment

Whether you purchase directly from the warehouse or from suppliers, MaQS® enables you to make informed decisions by:

Raising Purchase Orders, working off set par levels with ability to override
Tracking back orders
Managing all consumable purchases from a single database
Informed financially-driven replenishment requests
Monitoring compliance to contacts
Each department setting their own minimum re-order quantities 

Goods receiving & Storage

MaQS® has the unique ability to provide traceability for recall purposes and also enables you to:

View backorder accuracy tracking
Record lot numbers at point of receipt
Manage catalogue stock, non-stock and non-catalogue items
Transfer items between locations - very relevant for loan items 
Record stock count and carry out rolling stocktakes with ease 

Patient allocation

MaQS® ensures patient individuality is maintained by:

Allocating to patients at point of use
Recording accurate consumable cost to patient's medical record number
Tracking serial / lot numbers to patient
Interfacing with patient admission system to ensure that patient verification is optimised
Populating all consumable items under one barcode, one surgeon and one procedure; i.e. surgeon preference cards
Creating assemblies for standard procedures to allow capture of all items required in one scan

Financial transparency

MaQS® helps the finance department actively identify true expenditure by:

Generating patient level extracts for activity based funding
Allowing comparison costing between similar cases and surgeons
Creating reports on costs linked to patients'medical record number
Reporting on cross-charging between Public and Private patients
Reporting on over threshold expenditure 
Managing costs to meet activity based funding requirements