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Instrument Tracking

Your path to instrument management control with confidence
MaQS® provides end to end tracking for surgical instruments and trays across the entire sterilisation process.
MaQS® is purpose-designed for healthcare to meet needs from; procedure costing and peri-operative stock management to instrument traceability. As each facility has its own unique requirements, we develop long term partnerships with clients, driven by their needs.
MaQS® Instrument Tracking gives an organisation complete traceability of every re-processed item and clinical costing to meet the requirements of Activity Based Funding. 


MaQS® Decontamination Module uses touch screen technology. It is based on best practice and allows items to be received into your facility's decontamination area via either:
Patient MRN
Product code
Product description                 

Each individual record allows detailed cleaning instructions, web links to manufacturer's cleaning instructions and reference photos to help your staff identify and implement the best cleaning methods for each product.

Pack Assembly

When scanning either an individual instrument or the Tray ID, the Pack Assembly screen is displayed. Instruments are then scanned into the pack and the operator is notified if:

The wrong instrument is scanned    
Maintenance is due
An instrument from the tray is at repair
An instrument has been added to the pack

Individual instrument photos and tray photos can be viewed, with any special instructions included. The operator can make temporary changes to the tray if needed, which are also tracked. When packing is complete a label is printed; a checklist can also be printed or viewed on the screen in the operating theatre. 


MaQS® system is easy to use, with no keyboard entry required. It maintains all static data for the Sterilising Department and generates comprehensive reports to meet KPI and other internal monitoring and reporting requirements. 

Configures instruments and pack   
Notifies the operator if the wrong process is selected
Generates labels for processing
Allows for internal message function between user

Quality Assurance

Designed in Australia to meet the mandatory requirements for all Healthcare Standards.

Facilitates the management of recalls
Interfaces with other equipment to store data input
Allows for deviation and fault analysis to enable corrective action for each non-conformity
Records comprehensive evidence of mandatory requirements
Improves efficiency, accuracy and accountability due to the transparency of program
Reduces training for new staff    


Patient Allocation

MaQS® instrument tracking provides the operating theatre:

Easy point of use scanning module
Tracks patient activity of all sterilised items 
Automatical instrument tracking checks the status of each product as it is it scanned, ensuring all mandatory processes and check are completed 
When linked with PAS system it provides product validation message and correct patient allocation and identification