• Surgeon specific preference cards
    Surgeon specific preference cards

    MaQS Preference Cards

  • Allocate instrument trays
    Allocate instrument trays

    MaQS Preference Cards

  • Record consumable usage
    Record consumable usage

MaQS Preference Cards

Preference cards to link consumables, implants and instrumentation to a patient's record

Link consumables, implants and instrumentation

    Surgeon specific preference cards allows consumable products to be linked to the patient via a simple scan of the surgeon ID and procedure ID. Our easy-to-use preference card building tool allows you to quickly add, remove and clone existing preference cards.

Compare procedural costs for potential savings

    Generate comparison of actual procedural costs for each procedure and surgeon. Record discarded products for improved KPI efficiencies.

Total procedural usage

    Monitor all consumables, instruments and implants utilised throughout a case. MaQS can monitor usage from consignment, loan and purchased stock, allowing fast response for billing and replenishment of rebateable implants.

Preference Cards Step by Step
  • Clinical cost for patients
  • Track usage with a single scan
  • Management of surgeon preferences
  • Manage consignment and loan implants
  • Instant verification of product status
  • Fast and accurate patient recall

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