• From processing to patient usage
    From processing to patient usage

    MaQS Instrument Tracking

  • Record Cleaning and Sterilisation
    Record Cleaning and Sterilisation
  • Capture Patient Usage
    Capture Patient Usage
  • Record Equipment Maintenance
    Record Equipment Maintenance

MAQS Instrument Tracking

Track and trace surgical instruments and sets (trays, packs) from process to patient

One system, multi-layered

    When your organisation purchases our instrument tracking software, it is inclusive of all traceability components, meaning you can take control of when and how to implement your instrument tracking solution. Whether your organisation requires tray level or individual instrument level tracking, MaQS is capable. Our dedicated team is here to assist you implement a staged approach to fulfill all your traceability requirements.

Compliance with AS/NZS 4187

    MaQS is designed in Australia for compliance with AS/NZS 4187. We understand the unique variations of our standards and have designed the MaQS instrument tracking software solution to help you with compliance and accreditation of your hospital.

Full transparency and traceability of sterile stock

    MaQS Instrument Tracking provides you with the necessary tools to monitor, maintain and track all sterile equipment through the reprocessing life-cycle. From patient use through to decontamination, sterilisation and storage, MaQS provides your organisation with complete transparency on the current status and location of your valuable sterile resources.

Key Features

Journey Board
View active status of tracked instruments and trays
Where Is
Locate tracked instruments and trays within the hospital
Help Files
On screen, context sensitive help files
Custom Interfaces
For a fully integrated solution
Generate and manage instrument repair requests
MaQS Admin
Maintain static data and manage site wide settings
Record instrument checks and generate unique process label
Quality Activity
record quality checks and non-conformance
Patient Allocation
Allocate instrument and trays to a patient's record
Receive into decontamination following use
Instrument Tracking Step by Step
  • All process information easily accessed
  • Fully paperless system
  • Photos, Videos, and IFUs for all
  • KPI Reporting
  • Staff Activity at a glance
  • Quality Framework for processes

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Endoscopy Module
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  • Link to patient
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Preference Cards
  • Clinical cost for patients
  • Track usage with a single scan
  • Management of surgeon preferences
  • Manage consignment and loan implants
  • Instant verification of product status
  • Fast and accurate patient recall