• Capture endoscope usage
    Capture endoscope usage

    MaQS Endoscopy Module

  • Scan endoscopes at point of use
    Scan endoscopes at point of use
  • Record cleaning and maintenance
    Record cleaning and maintenance

Endoscopy Module

Record patient usage, processing and storage of your endoscopes

Guided Cleaning Instructions

    View detailed cleaning instructions for reprocessing of endoscopes. Record cleaning accessories and follow and confirm each cleaning step, including completed manual wash, mechanical wash and high level disinfection.

Capture Points

    From patient use through to testing, cleaning, disinfection and storage, MaQS Endoscopy Module records all major capture points. Follow, confirm and record each step within the reprocessing cycle.


    MaQS Endoscopy Module allows for scanning in and out of storage cabinets. View the real time status of all scopes in storage with alerts if expired scopes require reprocessing. Capture KPIs on scopes reprocessed without use.

Endoscopy Module Step by Step
  • Guided cleaning instructions
  • Link to patient
  • Monitor storage and expiry
  • Record pre-cleaning activities

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Preference Cards
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  • Reduced stock holding
  • Improved accuracy of allocation
  • Fully integrated solution
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