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    If you would like more information on Precision Medical or a demonstration on the MaQS Software Suite, please call us on (02) 8416 5699 or email

Benefits of MaQS Software

KPI Improvement
Generate KPI reports on efficiency, trends, inventory, instrument usage and more
Reporting Function
Reports available for recall, procedural costings and assistance with hospital accreditation
Risk Management
Manage risk through increased accountability and traceability
Cost Benefits
Accurate capture of total procedural costs and capital asset usage
Increased Revenue
Improved capture of rebate items and implants
Improved Accuracy
Maintain accurate stock and instrument levels
Time Saving
Utilise the WhereIs function to locate stock, instrumentation and trays
Data Capture
Improve compliance through point of use scanning
Paperless System
Designed as a paperless system, with onscreen checks and real-time scanning at point of use
Custom Interfaces
For a fully integrated solution