Precision Medical PTY LTD

Precision Medical has been providing the MaQS Software Suite to the Health Care industry since 1998

MaQS Software
MaQS began with a simple idea to print a label to affix to the outside of wrapped instrument trays. As the requirements for compliance with AS/NZS 4187 have grown, MaQS has evolved to provide your organisation with a fully complimentary software suite to monitor, trace and report on your hospital’s valuable assets.

MaQS is designed specifically for the hospital environment and is installed throughout Australia and New Zealand in public and private facilities. Our program is fully owned, developed and supported in Australia, allowing fast response times to your needs. 


LOANSET Connect was launched in 2021 in response to the growing need for a loan set tracking and management system.

LOANSET Connect provides complete visibility of loan and consignments sets across the hospital site. Our web-based program allows the hospital to generate, receive, record and manage return of loan sets.

Linked suppliers can upload loan kits availability and generate hospital booking requests.


Benefits of MaQS Software

KPI Improvement
Generate KPI reports on efficiency, trends, inventory, instrument usage and more
Reporting Function
Reports available for recall, procedural costings and assistance with hospital accreditation
Risk Management
Manage risk through increased accountability and traceability
Cost Benefits
Accurate capture of total procedural costs and capital asset usage
Increased Revenue
Improved capture of rebate items and implants
Improved Accuracy
Maintain accurate stock and instrument levels
Time Saving
Utilise the WhereIs function to locate stock, instrumentation and trays
Data Capture
Improve compliance through point of use scanning
Paperless System
Designed as a paperless system, with onscreen checks and real-time scanning at point of use
Custom Interfaces
For a fully integrated solution